This Magic Moment

It’s been two months since my last posting but since everything has been basically the “SOY” (same old yelling), I didn’t want to bore anyone with the “SOS” (same old stories).

This week, however, has been different. Chuck was very quiet for 4 days; he slept for 14-16 hours each night without a peep. During those days, he sat quietly in the wheelchair. Then last night, as I walked past him in his chair, he reached for my hand, put it up to his lips, and kissed it! I was shocked. He can’t walk, talk, and doesn’t know my name but he knows who I am. A beautiful moment!

“Out of difficulties grow miracles.” -Jean de la Bryere


5 responses

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  2. Oh Carole…….how precious! That must have rewarded you for your long suffering and loyalty to Chuck! I guess you can never know what he is really thinking or feeling, then something like that kiss happens!
    God bless you both!

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